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Autism treatment

Illness or symptoms occur when the body is not able to come back into equilibrium after a stressful event.  There are 3 main stressors that we can identify.
1. Mental/emotional stress like losing a loved one, getting fired from your job or a divorce.

2. Biochemical stress like a bacterium (Lyme and co-infections), mold and fungal overgrowth, a virus or environmental toxins like mercury, lead and pesticides.

3. Physical stress like breaking an arm or a leg, a whiplash from a car accident or a concussion from a blow to the head.

Most of the time the prolonged mental/emotional stress is what sets off any of the other two underlying stressors. We all injure ourselves from time to time and we cannot escape toxins and pathogens. Our genes will partly determine how well we can deal with stress are able to detoxify that’s why some people can be more resilient then others. But our genetics do not determine our fate because through a mechanism called epi-genetics, we are able to influence the way our genes function with lifestyle.
The way we live now is drastically different from the way our parents and grandparents lived and research shows we have a lot more toxins in our bodies then we previously had. I believe this accounts for many of the illnesses and symptoms we see more of now than before, like diabetes, cancer and neuro developmental/degenerative disorders. The evidence that the symptoms of these diseases can be treated and prevented is growing.
I always start my consultations by doing a thorough assessment to find out what could have caused the symptoms or the illness. Cleaning and draining the terrain is at the core of my treatments because the terrain will determine what is being attracted and accumulated in the body in regards to pathogens and toxins. Cleaning and draining the terrain will also allow the body to be more efficient with detoxifying toxins and fighting infections.

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