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The bodies biochemistry is very complex and depends on many variables and substances like vitamins and minerals but also things like stress and infections will influence these sophisticated systems. By eating the right foods, having the ability to balance stress and relaxation and have harmonious relationships we can stay fit, strong and healthy. But as life is unpredictable we are presented with unexpected, stressful and painful situations. Divorce, lay off from work, death of a loved one or physical trauma like a broken leg or concussion could be one of them. Usually it is not just one event that caused our body to fall out of balance but many layers of adverse life events that eventually led to the straw that broke the camel’s back and you were experiencing long lasting symptoms or were diagnosed with a chronic illness.


We can all recognize ourselves in what you've just read one way or another, some more severe than others, some with worse symptoms/illnesses then others but non the less we don’t experience the same level of health as we did before the(ese) event(s). Most of us turn to the help of our family doctor who prescribes us a medication or refers us to a specialist. But when this is not giving any relief or answers as to what’s going on we need to look elsewhere for solutions.


Naturopathy and orthomolecular medicine are holistic, curative and preventative healing modalities that are excellent for treating chronic symptoms and illnesses. They complement each other very beautifully and will make your treatment more successful. By assessing the symptoms and doing a thorough investigation we can find the root cause and treat that with herbals, minerals and vitamins in therapeutic dosages in a structured way that is precisely tailored for your specific needs.  Next to that we need to be eating a nutrient dense anti-inflammatory diet, sufficient exposure to sunlight, hydration with good quality water, movement/exercise, healthy relationships with our loved ones, restorative sleep and a mindfulness or brain retraining practice.


You may schedule a free 15-minute call to ask me what I can do for you.

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